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Catalog Strategy

Sales partners look at dozens of catalogs to find the products and services they need to serve their customers. You must communicate the critical information that partners need to best understand your company and its service offering without overwhelming your audience with too much information.

4 Critical Items to Communicate in Every Catalog

  1. Don’t assume that partners already know you. Define who you are and what you sell. What makes you unique and gives partners a competitive advantage when they represent you.
  2. What is your ideal customer profile? Let partners know the characteristics of the type of customer that you want so they avoid sending you deals that you can’t accommodate.
  3. What action do you want a partner to take once they have found the ideal customer profile? Define if you want them to request a quote, submit the lead, or set up a meeting.
  4. Offer financial incentives that make it easier for the customer to buy (promotion) and more lucrative for the agent to earn higher commission dollars (spiff).

Use the Full Range of Catalog Features

Catalogs are designed to promote you, deliver vital information and create calls to action. Here are some items to add to your catalog.

  1. Banners. Add banners to highlight new products, webinar events, promotions and spiffs.
  2. Pages. Use pages to tell more about you, your partner program and services. Add forms for partners to complete so that you get their name and contact information.
  3. Videos. Add videos to your pages or content to create interest with your audience.
  4. Webinars. Add webinar events and keep your webinars short. Webinars are automatically added to the master agent home page calendar.
  5. Contact Information. Add contact information in the catalog header. Create different contacts for each master agent site for your channel managers

Contact your Convey Account Manager for ideas and strategies to make your catalog deliver agent engagement.