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    • Less Can Be More
      Today’s content consumer tweets, chats, instant messages, and texts. They consume information in smaller and smaller portions and want to get to the point quickly. When you think about adding content to your online catalog, think about being more targeted about what you add and resist the temptation to load up volumes of content, hoping someone will find something to read →
      CEO Insights 0 06/20/2016 1
    • Sales Partners Are Looking
      Convey took a look recently at the traffic to our 38 master agent sites with over 11,000 total members and here is what we discovered. In an average month, the sites receive 23,000 visitors, 8,000 of them being unique →
      CEO Insights 0 05/17/2016 1
    • Hub Reports - Quick Note
      If your catalog or portfolio appears on several spoke sites, you can get activity reports on all of your sites from your hub site. Hub reports include content posts, short posts, events and advertising →
      Article 0 12/08/2015 1
    • Pages - Quick Notes
      This Quick Note will show you how to add and manage your catalog's pages.
      User Guide 0 11/19/2015 1
    • Custom Backgrounds
      For each catalog we like to be as customized as possible to encourage maintaining a unique identity for each of our vendors. Catalogs by default use the sites main background, but you may also upload a custom one in the administration section →
      Quick Post 0 08/26/2015 1
    • Advertising Types & Sizes
      There are many advertising opportunities within Convey. Please review the options and email with any questions.
      Article 0 08/27/2015 1
    • Keep It Short and Simple - Adding a Short Post
      Do you have an idea you want to communicate? A quick tip and hint? Or a link you want to share with your audience? Then consider creating a Short Post on Convey. Short posts are completed in only one step and do not require you to upload a document →
      Tips and Hints 0 12/16/2014 1
    • Take a "Page" from Us! Add Pages to Your Catalog.
      You want people to know more about your company, but are worried that the message may be buried inside your catalog. Use catalog pages to focus the viewer's attention. Add pages just below the banners →
      Tips and Hints 0 12/16/2014 1
    • It's an Event! Adding an Event to Your Catalog
      It's a "virtual" certainty that events grab people's attention. Add a webinar as part of your promotional strategy and it's sure to get you noticed. Not only does an event appear on the calendar of your catalog page, but most events are moved to calendar on the site home page →
      Tips and Hints 0 12/16/2014 1
    • Tricia Olson - Catalog Consultant
      Tricia OlsonTLO Meet Tricia Olson! Tricia has been working with busy catalog owners on Convey helping spruce up the catalog graphics, posting content, and making sure you are putting your best foot forward to the agent community →
      Tips and Hints 0 03/04/2015 1
    • Promote Yourself with Catalog Banners!
      Catalog Banners are an easy way to make your catalog more interesting, highlight a promotion or an upcoming event, or link the user to information inside your catalog. You can add as many banners as you want and have many options to manage them →
      Tips and Hints 0 12/16/2014 1
    • Posting Content
      Welcome to "Posting Content". In this video we will show you a step by step process on how to create various types of content and post them to your catalog.
      Video 0 12/17/2014 1
    • Short Posts
      Learn about short posts. In this short video we will teach you how to create a short post and post it.
      Video 0 12/22/2014 1
    • Featured Posts
      Each catalog has a center section to highlight important pieces of content, training or events. This is the feature section. Featured posts are moved to the top of the list and highlighted with a feature star →
      Video 0 12/22/2014 1
    • Adding Events
      In this short video, you will learn how to add and schedule new events.
      Video 0 12/22/2014 1
    • Editing Events
      In this video you will learn how to alter or edit existing events.
      Video 0 12/22/2014 1
    • Catalog Information Section
      The information section in manage catalog creates the catalog header, adds a description, and adds keywords to help viewers search for and find the catalog. The information section is also where the logo is added so that it will appear in the header →
      Video 0 12/22/2014 1
    • Catalog Folders
      Add folders to a catalog to organize content for the viewer. Folders must be added and managed on each individual spoke site.
      Video 0 12/22/2014 1
    • Catalog Custom Image
      Make your catalog more customized by uploading an image file. The image will appear behind the catalog and fill the screen when a viewer accesses it. Add a custom image by logging in and selecting the Catalog icon →
      Video 0 12/22/2014 1
    • Catalog Contact Information
      Contact information appears in the header of the catalog page giving the viewer a way contact you and your company. The contact information can display a name, email address, company website and phone number →
      Video 0 12/22/2014 1
    • Catalog Pages
      Welcome to Catalog Pages from Convey Classroom. Would you like to add more information about your company, collect contact information from visitors, or direct users to another sites? If so, add pages to your catalog →
      Video 0 12/22/2014 1
    • Adding and Managing Banners
      Welcome to Catalog Information from Convey Classroom. Use banners to highlight a promotion, a training opportunity, or an important piece of content or event. Banners appear below the header on your catalog and are managed in a library →
      Video 0 12/17/2014 1
    • Duplicate Posts
      Posts are content or training files or calendar events added to a catalog. Catalogs owners that have catalogs on multiple spoke sites can duplicate all or some of those posts on the hub site to one or more spoke sites →
      Video 0 12/22/2014 1
    • Setting Up a Catalog
      Catalogs are easy to set up with simple instructions to help you customize and brand your catalog. This overviews the steps to the set up process. Each of those steps will be covered in more detail in another Convey Classroom video →
      Video 0 12/17/2014 1
    • Catalog Overview
      Catalogs are sections on a Convey site that promote a company, educate the viewer on its products and services, and motivate viewers to get in touch. The catalog owner controls how the catalog appears, uploads and manages information contained in the catalog, and adds other users to help manage and populate it →
      Video 0 12/17/2014 1
    • Creating Catalog Pages
      Welcome to Catalog Pages from Convey Classroom. Would you like to add more information about your company, collect contact information from visitors, or direct users to another sites? Learn how with Convey Classrooms short video on creating pages →
      Video 0 12/15/2014 1
    • Convey Engage - Product Update
      Join Convey Services on 8/27 for a brief product update on the Convey Engage program where we will demonstrate new features and ideas that will help you increase your market penetration and improve your presence in the agent community →
      August 27, 2014 Live Webinar 08/27/2014 0 08/20/2014 1

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